This website kills fascists – Vote for hope today

Today dear reader is one of the most important days for this country that we’ve faced in decades, certainly since 1979. I wrote a piece a couple of years ago on the day of 2017’s general election, and while I got a couple of “shut up and sing” type emails, most visitors to this site understood where we’re coming from and indeed of the long and enduring link between music journalism and politics – just look at Rolling Stone and some of its most important writers over the years. We are also a Liverpool based website, and proud of it, a city which has been devastated by the largest cuts per head of population in the UK since 2010. Today then, as Ken Loach’s team said yesterday, represents a fork in the road – a day when we can choose to go one of two ways. Continue reading “This website kills fascists – Vote for hope today”

Jeremy Corbyn reaches a new level of americoolna

If you thought it wasn’t possible for Jezza to exceed his already near god-like status in the eyes of us liberal americana types, the photo below just goes to confirm that he really is the cat’s pyjamas. The screenshot from a recent TV interview with JC demonstrates that he has, apart from great politics, also impeccable reading taste. With a copy of Richmond Fontaine’s frontman Willy Vlautin’s debut novel The Motel Life apparently nestling among his book collection, Jezza scores ultimate points for coolness. Continue reading “Jeremy Corbyn reaches a new level of americoolna”