Liam Frost “The Latchkey Kid” (Emperor, 2019)

It’s a mixed blessing being called a cult artist, revered by some, unknown to most, now a decade and a half since Liam Frost got his first deal, after gigging on the Manchester scene through his teens. Comparators at the start could have been I Am Kloot, Badly Drawn Boy, Cherry Ghost, song based Manchester acts, and Frost was lauded as the future by Guy Garvey. His first album was widely praised, second album on a major label, but breakthrough was elusive. In the decade since then, occasional gigs in Manchester would sell out in a flash, but apart from exiled Mancs in London, as far as everyone else was concerned, Liam Frost was long done. Continue reading “Liam Frost “The Latchkey Kid” (Emperor, 2019)”