Here are ten notable acoustic guitarists

This top-ten is meant to highlight acoustic guitar music, usually without vocals or vocals that are secondary to the music and not generally what the artist is known for.  I had been thinking about John Fahey and Leo Kottke, Takoma records and what has been referred to as, ‘American Primitive’, guitar.  It’s more a ‘starter for ten’ to an ongoing discussion than a display of any great knowledge on my part. Part of my fascination with this particular musical corner is how often it leads to Indian influences, sitars drones and titles with raga in them. Continue reading “Here are ten notable acoustic guitarists”

Martin Simpson has a new album and a big tour

The new Martin Simpson album ‘Rooted‘ emerges on Topic Records on August 30th (the deluxe 2CD version of the album will include a companion disc ‘Seeded‘).  And if that title conjures up images of zipping up boots and such, well the singer-songwriter does have a theme in mind for this album, as he explains “The music and songs embrace nature and travel, mental health, real life stories, loss, politics and history… and the threads that bind all this together can be followed back a long way, to 1965 when I got my first guitar and started to soak up material and ideas at a very rapid rate.Continue reading “Martin Simpson has a new album and a big tour”

New Martin Simpson album out September

Guitarist, singer and songwriter Martin Simpson has announced the release of his 20th solo album in 40 years ‘Trails & Tribulations’ which is out on September 1st 2017 via Topic Records. The new studio album, his first new solo work since 2013’s ‘Vagrant Stanzas’, will be available in standard and deluxe CD, digital download and standard vinyl (the latter through Vinyl 180). It’s described as “a collection of songs about nature, about travels and about real life stories. Continue reading “New Martin Simpson album out September”