May Erlewine “Second Sight” (Earthwork, 2019)

Deep within the rustbelt, May Erlewine has written her 20th release to date bringing another slice of Big Rapids to the international stage. A multi-instrumentalist with soul, the daughter of Allmusic founder Michael Erlewine, and a member of the Earthwork Music Collective, May is all about independent Michigan. The rustbelt is often overlooked as a source of Americana, but with artists like Bob Seeger and Jason Molina drawling and twanging the industrial blues, it certainly deserves more attention. Continue reading “May Erlewine “Second Sight” (Earthwork, 2019)”

The Mammals + May Erlewine @Celtic Connections. St Luke’s, Glasgow,18th January 2019

AUK kicked off our Celtic Connections itinerary this year in the hallowed portals of an old church situated on the outskirts of The Barras, a once thriving open-air market place and home to the legendary Barrowlands Ballroom. St. Luke’s doesn’t have the cachet of The Barrowlands but it proved to be a fine venue for The Mammals, the name under which Mike Merenda and Ruth Ungar are back, having revived the band last year. Mike & Ruthy (as they were known then) played a blinder at Celtic Connections a few years back so it was intriguing to see what, if any, differences would transpire given the band moniker. Truth be told, there was very little other than some line up changes, the loss of pedal steel for keyboards and some more harmonising from the boys in the band. Continue reading “The Mammals + May Erlewine @Celtic Connections. St Luke’s, Glasgow,18th January 2019”