Mean Mary ”Cold” (Woodrock Records, 2019)

There is, it seems, no limit to Mary James’ (Mean Mary is a stage name) talent. This native of Alabama has, astonishingly, been writing songs since the age of five. She could read music before she could read script and can play eleven instruments including the banjo, fiddle and guitar. She has also written novels and a spiritual memoir, and was, as a child, a regular on a local Alabama TV programme The Country Boy Eddie Show. It was one of the songs she regularly performed on the TV, ‘Mean Mary from Alabam’ that inspired her stage name. Sometimes the only thing that can be done is to sit agog at the breadth and depth of talent some people are imbued with. Except it isn’t, because when that talent translates into recorded output such as we have here, we can all enjoy it. Win win. Continue reading “Mean Mary ”Cold” (Woodrock Records, 2019)”

Mean Mary + Rebecca Hollweg, The Green Note, London, 27th September 2018

The intimate Green Note remains the beating heart of London’s acoustic roots music scene, always promoting an eclectic mix of musical genres and able to attract the very best musicians from around the world, many returning year after year to grace its cozy stage. Tonight saw a talented double bill of Nashville based Mean Mary and London’s homegrown Rebecca Hollweg draw an enthusiastic crowd to the Camden venue. The third time now that this gifted pair have played this unique London stage together. Continue reading “Mean Mary + Rebecca Hollweg, The Green Note, London, 27th September 2018”