Modern Hinterland “The Longest Part Of The Night” (Fandango, 2020)

A Venn diagram of the musical genres that go to make up this thing we call Americana would be an enormous and extremely complex entity. It is such a joy that so many excellent and diverse musical styles can be enjoyed under this huge umbrella label and provide us lucky listeners with a never-ending stream of quality songs and artists. Residing comfortably in the Indie-Americana circle of the aforementioned diagram is ‘The Longest Part of the Night’, the latest album from Modern Hinterland, a record of reflections of life in modern Britain.

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Video: Modern Hinterland “The Lights”

Here is the tongue-in-cheek new video for ‘The Lights’ by Modern Hinterland.  It’s taken from their forthcoming album, ‘The Longest Part of the Night‘, due for release on 31st January.  The band are inspired by the likes Wilco, Neil Young and Damien Jurado and create an engaging blend of melodic Americana, folk and indie.  Songwriter, Chris Hornsby says of the new material: “We want our music to reflect real life – there has to be some sort of truth in it that allows us to get to something real and honest.”  Check it out.