Origami Ghosts “Healthy Travel Potions” (Independent, 2019)

If you put “wacky” into a thesaurus you get words and phrases like madcap, weird, zany, way-out, off the wall and mad, amongst others. Origami Ghost’s new album ‘Healthy Travel Options’ is all of those adjectives and more. Many of the songs are straight out of left field with tongue in cheek lyrics such as “My suitcase has a broken wheel – boing, boing” from ‘Lost & Proud’, “I wanna know what the other person is saying” from ‘It’s Not A Séance’, “If you’re not feeling well, take a grumpiness pill” from ‘Grumpiness Pill’ and “Blobby, blobby, blobby” from (of course) ‘Blobby’! Some of the lyrics may have been even wackier than those but unfortunately the vocals are often so low in the mix, that it’s difficult to hear exactly what’s being sung. There are also other unusual song titles such as ‘Brisket’, ‘Doing the Dishes’ and the play on words of ‘Keeper Sutherland’ – this is not your typical, run of the mill Americana album. Continue reading “Origami Ghosts “Healthy Travel Potions” (Independent, 2019)”

Track Premiere: Origami Ghosts “Elancourt”

Origami Ghosts, as you might imagine, don’t make music like other people’s music – and that’s a good thing, right ?  Originality is, surely, what we crave.  ‘Elancourt‘ is the first release from the band’s new album ‘Healthy Travel Potions‘ (out July 12th) and is as good an example as any of Origami Ghosts’ blend of jangly-guitar-folk-pop. as it recounts the restless travelling life of lead-singer and band mainstay  J.P. Scesniak.  Continue reading “Track Premiere: Origami Ghosts “Elancourt””