Interview: Patterson Hood on “The New OK”, COVID and the Portland Riots

Americana UK has been lucky enough to speak to Patterson Hood of the Drive-by Truckers as their new album, ‘The New OK’, gets its digital release. Their 2016 ‘American Band’ album was the Truckers most overtly political to date and Patterson Hood explained to AUK’s Martin Johnson that their new album is the final album of a trilogy that also includes ‘The Unraveling’, released at the start of this year. The impact of COVID on the Truckers themselves and the wider music industry is also discussed. Portland, Oregon, resident Patterson Hood has first-hand experience and insight into the Portland riots and shares a more balanced view of what is actually happening in this part of America. Just as some people may be thinking he is on a major downer, Patterson Hood explains why he is ultimately positive about the future and 2021. Continue reading “Interview: Patterson Hood on “The New OK”, COVID and the Portland Riots”

Jerry Joseph “The Beautiful Madness” (Décor Records, 2020)

When Patterson Hood of The Drive-By Truckers describes you as “long one of my favourite songwriters, one of the absolute best of our generation” people are going to sit up and take notice and so it is that this album has already attracted a great deal of interest, even prior to its release. Hood produced the album and the Truckers provide the backing to Joseph’s songs further adding to the anticipation. So, who is Jerry Joseph, and does the album live up to expectations? Continue reading “Jerry Joseph “The Beautiful Madness” (Décor Records, 2020)”