Pavey Ark “Close Your Eyes and Think of Nothing” (Independent, 2020)

Paved Ark are a Hull-based band revolving around singer-songwriter Neil Thomas. They have supported This is the Kit, played Glastonbury and are now creating a buzz around this, their debut album. The band describe themselves as “alternative folk”, whatever that means. Certainly there is little here that could discernibly be called folk music. What there is, is a set of very well crafted songs largely reflecting Thomas’s personal thoughts and experiences.
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Video: Pavey Ark “Cuckoo”

Let’s begin the week with a chorus that came to Pavey Ark’s song-writer, Neil Thomas, in the middle of a dream shortly after Donald Trump’s inauguration.  Thomas explains: “In the dream, I was floating over a map of the US looking down on a lake and a place called Cuckoo. In the background, the chorus to the song was playing in my head. The phenomenon of writing in a dream has only happened to me 4 or 5 times. Continue reading “Video: Pavey Ark “Cuckoo””