Video: TEOA “Wait No More”

The beautiful landscapes, both real and painted, in the video for ‘Wait No More’ match the lovely harmonies and gentle folk-melody in this new song from TEOA.  Formerly known as The End of America, the band took their name from Kerouac’s ‘On The Road’: travelling, “…across the groaning continent,” in search of inspiration and reaching “…the end of America, no more land, and now there was nowhere to go but back.”  That focus on travel and open spaces has always been part of TEOA’s identity.  Continue reading “Video: TEOA “Wait No More””

Home Life: TEOA

TEOA, the Philadelphia based indie-folksters have been extremely busy these last twelve months. Playing a number of well-received live shows alongside a ‘single release a month’ campaign has kept both their profile high and their creative juices flowing. The band will be releasing their latest instalment, ‘Not The End‘, a poignant reflection on the world around them that offers hope and understanding wrapped in a glorious Eagles-esque harmonic hue, on April 30th.  It’s somewhat of an anthem to these times even though it was written before the current pandemic situation.   Needless to say lockdown rears its ugly head and plans, hopes and dreams are all put on hold. Americana-UK speaks with Trevor Leonard to see how he and the band are holding up, how they are adapting to keeping their musical spirits high and what records have been firing up the decks to in these unsettling times. Continue reading “Home Life: TEOA”

Video: TEOA “Not the End”

The new single from The End of America shimmers with dreamy melody and hope.  This is the harmonious trio’s first single since the release of the EP, ‘Light Within’, in March 2020.  Singer, guitarist and song-writer, Trevor Leonard, says of the song: “I was feeling overwhelmed by the declining state of the world and inspired to figure a way out. I asked myself, what is the message that we need right now?  Even though I wrote the lyrics long before the coronavirus pandemic, its meaning now seems even more amplified. We need to remember not to give up hope.”  This is a fine message, dear reader, and something to keep in mind as you absorb the harmonies and layers of instrumentation.  “Though we’re standing at the edge // This is not the end.”