The Loft Club “Dreaming The Impossible” (Lightyear, 2020)

Following a summer supporting Noel Gallagher, Exeter based five-piece The Loft Club bring us their debut album ‘Dreaming The Impossible‘. The record is a sunny mix of jangly guitars and psychedelic twists exploring the well-trodden thematic paths of love, loss, and friendship. Dripping with retro influences, this is an album which is proud to look back and celebrate what has gone before. ‘Dreaming The Impossible‘ is a well-produced album. The guitars sound nice and big, and there is enough interesting sonic stuff going on to stop it being too dull. In terms of creative offering, though, it falls somewhat short. Continue reading “The Loft Club “Dreaming The Impossible” (Lightyear, 2020)”