Birds of Chicago, Stables Stage 2, Wavendon, 15th May 2018

Photo: Natalie Ginele Miller

The road works and long diversions conspiracy almost robbed us of the chance, but in the end tickets were grabbed from the ticket office, and a rapid relocation to Stage 2 enabled entry just as Birds of Chicago embarked on the first song of the evening. And there, crammed onto Stage 2’s small stage, was what can be only called a beautiful band – whilst there is a fine rhythm section and some splendid lead / slide guitar backing the focus naturally falls on the duo upfront. Main songwriter JT Nero, resplendently coiffured and generously tall and possessor of just the right kind of rasping weather-beaten vocal and the elegant Allison Russell equipped, with similar generosity, with banjo, ukulele, clarinet and the voice of an angel. Continue reading “Birds of Chicago, Stables Stage 2, Wavendon, 15th May 2018”