The Two Tracks “Cheers to Solitude” (Independent, 2020)

‘Cheers to Solitude’ opens with the bouncy, infectious ‘Beautiful’, a song that is a tour across America from the Pacific Redwoods and Pacific ocean on the West Coast, through the deep South to New Orleans and Mississippi, to the mountains of Appalachia.  ‘Beautiful’ encapsulates what makes up the soul of roots music, and at the same time defines the sound of The Two Tracks – a simple, laid-back, breezy, California vibe, the funky Cajun, swamp-foot swing from the Crescent City, a timeless fiddle line born in the mountains, all delivered with a wide-open groove reminiscent of the rollings hills and mountains of their hometown of Sheridan, Wyoming. Continue reading “The Two Tracks “Cheers to Solitude” (Independent, 2020)”