Uncle Sinner “Trouble Of The World” (Independent, 2020)

Judging by the title of his first three albums, ‘Ballads And Mental Breakdowns’, ‘A Pocketful Of Glass Eyes’ and ‘Let The Devil In’, Michael Bodner who records as Uncle Sinner must have been to some dark places during his lifetime. Wikipedia says about Uncle Sinner that they’re a “Canadian Gothic country/Death Gospel” band and even Bodner says (probably tongue in cheek) that his music fits in with the old “post-traditional, post-modern, existential death country folk-blues” genre. He may be in a minority of one in both those genres but whatever box you want to put Uncle Sinner in, their (Bodner’s?) music is not exactly a barrel of laughs. Continue reading “Uncle Sinner “Trouble Of The World” (Independent, 2020)”