VanWyck “God is in the Detour” (Maiden Name Records, 2020)

Following experience in various bands, Christine Oele decided in 2015 that the way forward for her was to become a solo artist. Taking her grandmother’s maiden name, VanWyck, she released her debut album, ‘An Average Woman’ in 2018 followed by, ‘Molten Rock’ in 2019. VanWyck’s latest release presents the listener with a beguiling collection of mainly acoustic-based songs decorated with lyrical flourishes. Continue reading “VanWyck “God is in the Detour” (Maiden Name Records, 2020)”

VanWyck “God Is In The Detour” – Listen

We have some good news for you today – there’s a new VanWyck album on the way, it’s called ‘The Detour‘ and it hits the streets, canals and internet sources on October 30th.  Today’s song is the second single and see’s VanWyck offering some friendship and support: “I met God at the corner shop
 / She was looking kinda lonely so I gave her a nod
 / She smiled back and we started to talk
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Track Premiere: VanWyck “Your Favourite Tune”

Today’s song premiere comes from Amsterdam, with VanWyck’s first single from her upcoming album ‘God is in the Detour‘.  It is an album that has come to be through the pandemic, with the time to pull together an album of predominantly solo and acoustic recordings coming out of the lockdown and the inability to be out playing live.  An already begun album with string arrangements and multi-layers of instruments was put on hold because the players could not meet, and instead ‘God is in the Detour’ was recorded.  As VanWyck explains “These are songs I wrote alone with my guitar, and a few songs I recorded earlier with only piano that haven’t been released on an album. Continue reading “Track Premiere: VanWyck “Your Favourite Tune””

Video Premiere: VanWyck “Lead Me On”

We are delighted to premiere ‘Lead Me On’, the new single from VanWyck, the smoky-voiced singer from the Netherlands.  It’s actually not a new track but has long-been the opening song for gigs. The band were supposed to be recording the video just before lock-down began and they found themselves isolated from one another.  They filmed themselves each playing their parts at home: in the bedroom, sitting on a windowsill, in the living room and in a steering hut.  Collected together, this footage is strangely powerful and a suitable accompaniment to a beautifully melodic song. Continue reading “Video Premiere: VanWyck “Lead Me On””

VanWyck “Molten Rock” (Maiden Name Records, 2019)

Following on from the success of her debut album ‘An Average Woman’ in 2018, Amsterdam singer-songwriter VanWyck brings us ‘Molten Rock’, an album dealing with the complexities, paradoxes and even the duplicities that make us all human. She says that “if ‘An Average Woman’ was the album I had to make, then ‘Molten Rock’ is the album I really wanted to make”. Thank goodness for that, for it is really rather good.
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VanWyck “Supermarket Line” – Listen

News is circulating that VanWyck has completed the follow up to last year’s excellent ‘An Average Woman‘ – the new album is ‘Molten Rock‘ and will be released on November 15.  The intricate finger-picking on the uptempo lead single ‘Supermarket Line‘ hints at a more openly optimistic release this time around – well, perhaps. Continue reading “VanWyck “Supermarket Line” – Listen”