Songs for the apocalypse: John Wesley Harding “God Lives Upstairs”

Many years ago when I lived in Sydney I used to sometimes go down Pitt Street which had some now long-forgotten record stores which would flog off albums for next to nothing, so pre-the days of the internet I’d take a chance on discovering new stuff sometimes just because I liked the song titles or fancied the bloke on the cover. It sometimes paid off as with ‘The Name Above the Title’ by Hastings born musician John Wesley Harding aka Wesley Stace, which opened a door for me to a lifelong love of this man’s music. His mainly acoustic ‘New Deal’ album from 1996 saw him turn away from folk-pop and into a more assured singer-songwriter sound, and the track ‘God Lives Upstairs’ with its country bent still to me has one of the sweetest melodies I’ve ever heard. Wes is now US-based but his shows are magical if you ever get the chance to see him live. Oh and his novels are superb too. So much talent. Argh.

Josh Ritter and Gary Louris appear on Wesley Stace covers project

What started as an innocent social media game in which Facebook friends and fans listed artists they would like to cover Wesley Stace AKA John Wesley Harding’s vast catalogue of songs, became a reality with the creation of Community Coronation Covers Project, an ongoing community-curated playlist by a myriad of artists including Josh Ritter, Roseanne Cash, the Minus 5 and The Jayhawks’ Gary Louris. Continue reading “Josh Ritter and Gary Louris appear on Wesley Stace covers project”

Wesley Stace and the Jayhawks release another preview track of album – Listen

This is one we’re really looking forward to – the new album by Wesley Stace “featuring the Jayhawks” is out 3 weeks today on the Yep Roc label if we’re all still here, and they’ve released another new track online which you can hear below – “Better Tell No One Your Dreams” has echoes of some of the most blisteringly optimistic new line-up Jayhawks sound (think “I’m Gonna Make You Love Me”) – it’s a huge big-hearted song and well worth a listen. You can also see photos of the recording session here at the Jayhawks official Tumblr page.    Continue reading “Wesley Stace and the Jayhawks release another preview track of album – Listen”