Tanya Ransom “Breakdown To Breakthrough”

Independent, 2021

Tanya Ransom’s ‘Breakdown To Breakthrough’ is a good showcase of quality Americana coming from Australia.

The fact that Americana music, or Americana-style music, if you will, has become a worldwide phenomenon is no big news anymore. Still, what would be those ‘other’ centres where this music crops up the most can be debated, but Australia certainly ranks among the top on that list. So these days it is no wonder, when assured, well-thought-out and performed Americana (style) releases come from Down Under. You can now add to that quality list the new EP by Aussie artist Tanya Ransom.

The singer-songwriter exhibits all the qualities any aspiring Americana artist should have who’s deserving of any kind of attention. Her songwriting is assured and solid, she’s got an excellent voice, and the instrumental backing here matches those two key qualities.

You can start your trip at any point with the five tracks here – it could be the opener ‘Cyclone’ the title track or the quite brooding, guitar-driven ‘Armour’ (personal recommendation), but the effect and realization would be the same – Tanya Ransom is an artist that actually deserves the attention of all true Americana fans. ‘Breakdown To Breakthrough’ is an EP that also serves as a good example of the music that was produced during the pandemic and how it brought much good out of many artists.


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