Tekla Waterfield & Jeff Fielder “Better Days” – Listen

Tekla Waterfield and her husband and musical partner Jeff Fielder have recently issued their new album ‘Trouble in Time‘ from which today’s song ‘Better Days‘ is taken.  It’s a gentle folk song that floats as lightly as Tekla’s vocal.  It’s a song that looks optimistically to the future “today I feel hopeful, maybe it’s the sun” coming from a position where “it’s been so dark, it’s been raining too much.”  And that’s a feeling that seems completely appropriate today – after all a page has just been turned and the future does look better now.  And the past – well there’s some fixing to do but otherwise just forget it, it never happened.

Trouble in Time‘ is a first album from Tekla Waterfield and Jeff Fielder, the Seattle based musicians brought the material together in 2020 and there are songs that reflect on the tumult of that year.  But through all the darkness there’s also the prospect of light at the end of the tunnel.  And this time it’s not an on-coming train.

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