Willie continues his tributes to Sinatra

Bob Dylan is, of course, not the only artist who admires Frank Sinatra – Willie Nelson recorded the Grammy award winning ‘My Way‘ in 2018 and is following it up in 2021 with another album cut from the same cloth.  ‘That’s Life‘ will be released on legacy Recordings on February 26th and features eleven songs including ‘Nice Work If You Can Get It,’ ‘I’ve Got You Under My Skin,’ ‘You Make Me Feel So Young‘, ‘Luck Be A Lady,’ ‘In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning,’ amongst others

Willie and Frank were close friends, musical colleagues and mutual admirers of each other’s work throughout Sinatra’s lifetime. In the 1980s, Sinatra opened for Willie at the Golden Nugget in Las Vegas and the two of them appeared together in a public service announcement for NASA’s Space Foundation.  “I learned a lot about phrasing listening to Frank,” Willie said in an interview for AARP magazine (June/July 2018). “He didn’t worry about behind the beat or in front of the beat, or whatever—he could sing it either way, and that’s the feel you have to have.

The first song to be released from the album is ‘Cottage for Sale‘, which Sinatra recorded on his album ‘No One Cares.’  You can hear it right here and right now.

And while this is all well and good, we do wonder when we’ll be seeing Willie’s tribute to the other Sinatra – come on, admit it, Willie doing ‘Your Groovy Self‘, ‘The City Never Sleeps at Night‘ and…of course…’Boots‘ would be awesome.  Do it for us, Willie.

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