Terry Allen and the Panhandle Mystery Band to reissue two back catalogue classics

Label Paradise of Bachelors has announced deluxe reissues of internationally celebrated songwriter and visual artist Terry Allen‘s albums ‘Smokin the Dummy‘ (1980) and ‘Bloodlines‘ (1983). These comprise the label’s sixth and seventh releases by Allen and the eagerly anticipated continuation of their acclaimed, Grammy-nominated archival series in collaboration with the artist.

Remastered from the original master tapes, the expanded editions of these two records represent the first-ever reissues on vinyl. Unlike previous editions, the ‘Smokin the Dummy’ CD also restores the original, unabridged tracklist, including ‘Cocaine Cowboy‘. Both vinyl and CD editions—gatefold and trifold, respectively—feature inserts with lyrics, new notes, and other texts (including a 1981 letter from Allen to his friend and mentor, the artist H.C. Westermann), as well as restored, new, and alternate artwork and photographs by Terry and Jo Harvey Allen and friends.

On his fourth manifold album, ‘Bloodlines‘, compiles thematically related but disparate recordings from various sources, both theatrical and historical: two songs written for plays; two full-band reprises of selections from ‘Juarez‘; the irreverent ballad ‘Gimme a Ride to Heaven Boy‘ (featuring Joe Ely); and the poignant eponymous ode to the arteries of ancestry and landscape (the debut recording of eight-year-old Natalie Maines, later covered by Lucinda Williams).

Recorded exactly two years after ‘Lubbock‘ (on everything), the follow-up ‘Smokin the Dummy‘ is the first album by Allen to share top billing with the Panhandle Mystery Band, here featuring Jesse Taylor on lead guitar alongside the Maines brothers and Richard Bowden.

Both albums are scheduled for worldwide release on the 6th of May, the day before Allen’s 79th birthday and can be preordered from the artist’s website.

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