The Burnt Pines – “The Burnt Pines”

Adraela Records, 2021

The Burnt Pines Album Cover

An almost perfect soundtrack for the current winter around us.

The Burnt Pines self-titled album is an Americana showcase for a few reasons. First of all, it yet again proves that the debate whether a piece of music belongs in the Americana genre somehow depends on where it comes from. How do we discern that with a band that includes a veteran American songwriter and instrumentalist, a Danish vocalist, and a Portuguese-born keyboardist? No borders for Americana music, particularly if it hits the mark.

Secondly, not only do The Burnt Pines hit the mark but the trio come up with some quite accomplished music, all covered in subdued, melodic overtones. No flashiness or instrumental show-offs, just some quiet arrangements that accentuate the vocals. It is no wonder that songwriter Aaron Flanders has been around for a while. Not only do his songs simply follow the Americana guidelines but show some very good melodicism. His guitar skills, as well as the vocals from Kris Skovmand (responsible for lyrics here), and keyboardist Miguel Sa Pessoa. A bit of additional help from a three-man Portuguese rhythm section just gives the music the necessary rhythmic touch. Some additional harmony vocals like on the excellent ‘Make The Sign’ just complete the musical image.

When you sum it all up, the album cover tells the story. Barren trees of winter and an open, empty road, are perfectly depicted by The Burnt Pines. A true winter season album if ever there was one recently. And winter is not just the weather.


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Enthralled by Ljubinko’s review. Now researching The Burnt Pines. Eventually I will get to Badlands Records, here in Cheltenham.