Good Time Boy Richie Furay announces live album

And it’s a double !

Richie Furay – of Buffalo Springfield and Poco fame  – has announced the upcoming release of a live set recorded in 2018.  The album is called ‘50th Anniversary Return To The Troubadour‘ and it will be out on DSDK Productions on April 2nd.  And whilst we know that it’s so hard to wait, the two sets which make up the release sound well worth the wait.  First up is ‘Still DeLIVErin,’ which encompasses Buffalo Springfield songs, favored Poco tunes and some of Furay’s finest solo work, and ‘DeLIVErin’ Again,’ which is a straight through rendition of Poco’s classic 1971 live album ‘DeLIVErin’, with the addition of ‘A Good Feelin’ To Know‘ with Timothy B. Schmit (who joined Poco in 1969) on vocals.

Clearly pleased with the recording Richie Furay recalls in the liner notes that “Poco released their first “live” album in 1971, it was called ‘DeLIVErin’’; here we are 50+ years later and I have re-recorded this iconic album with my “live” band – RFB!  I don’t know of any other group that has ever re-recorded a live album from their past catalogue and truthfully, I wasn’t sure it could be done either; but, I took on the challenge and now you get to hear it for yourself. In many respects it was a labor of love because I knew how important the original album was to Poco fans and if RFB didn’t meet the standard, it would be a disappointment. I do not believe you are going to be disappointed. From my viewpoint, we have met and exceeded any expectations.  Listen for yourself, but I believe we have captured the heart and soul of the music; even Timothy B. got on board to sing one of his originals. So, I hope you enjoy listening to this recreation – ‘DeLIVErin’ Again’. Shut your eyes, pretend you’re one of the wall to wall people at the The Troubadour in Los Angeles, California that November evening and turn it up loud.

50th Anniversary Return To The Troubadour’ will be available as a double CD, a download and as a single DVD format.

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Allan Doe

I listened to Deliverin’ a lot while on board the USS Talbot in ‘71. It kept me going until I was discharged that October after four years. Was a Springfield fan from the beginning and followed all of the bands the followed. It’s been a long time. Some of the guys who listened with me are gone now. I’ll be sure to crank up the new album so all can listen wherever they are. Peace.