The Chigger Hill Boys And Terri “My Path Was Paved By The Blood Of The Lamb” – Bluegrass perfection

There is no shortage of good Bluegrass bands in the world, and The Chigger Hill Boys are certainly that – but when you hear Terri Argot Gore’s vocals then you’ll agree that Mike Richards (the group’s original mandolin player) was right to suggest back in 2001 that they should put together a Bluegrass band.  Her direct and unadorned Appalachian vocal style is the perfect foil to the joyful playing of the band – some pairing.  On this recording you’ll hear Terri Argot Gore – lead vocal, Jim Britton – banjo, guitar and harmony vocal, Ricky Gore – upright bass, Andy Leftwich – fiddle and mandolin and Ben Rochester – resophonic guitar and harmony vocal.

My Path Was Paved By The Blood Of The Lamb‘ is a song that pretty much speaks for itself from just the title, and it is the band’s latest single.  It’s fine gospel bluegrass with a direct message – driven home with some hammering banjo and mandolin.  Quite the sound.  Songwriter Terri has said “I hope our listeners find themselves tapping their toes along with this one,” and it is just possible.

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