The Frisbys “Hurt Me” – actually, just don’t

The Frisbys – headed up by Twins Helen (vocals, flute) and Nicola Frisby (vocals, acoustic guitar) – take a look on ‘Hurt Me‘ at the end of a relationship and how this can poison with doubts any attempts to start something new.  Talking about the single, the band elaborate, “its about starting a new relationship after a significant heartbreak and the battle of deciding whether you are ready to pursue something new when you are still recovering from past hurts. It’s also about the responsibility of protecting other people and recognising that if you’re not ready to move on, you might end up causing someone else pain. Basically… it’s a no win. It sucks to break up with someone and it sucks to be broken up with. The song is pretty upbeat though so it isn’t quite as depressing as it sounds!

Having started out as a folk duo The Frisbys have expanded to a full band sound, initially by forming a quartet with university friends  Sam Keer  (electric guitar) and  Marc Robinson for their debut EP ‘Philosolove’ in 2013 and then developed a fuller sound by recruiting old college friends  Tom Finigan  (drums),  Will Cattermole  (bass) and university buddy  Sal Palekar  (violin, piano) in 2015.

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