The Hiding Magpies “Searching For Gold”

Independent, 2021

The Hiding Magpies are on their way to making a great English-rooted Americana album.

Magpies are considered to be among more intelligent creatures, according to practically all descriptions of this talking bird. They say they are one of the few non-mammal species able to recognize themselves in the so-called mirror test. But can we as humans recognize their talents, particularly if they are hiding from us?

Well, maybe that is exactly the idea Jake Dixon and his bandmates had in mind when they named themselves The Hiding Magpies. Based on their second album, ‘Searching For Gold,’ it is hard to say whether they are really hiding or whether the potential listeners are failing that mirror test.

You see, Dixon and the guys have current trends in Americana down to a pat. Particularly that strain that leans towards dual guitar rocking sound patented somewhere, anywhere below the Mason-Dixon line. 

Yet their lyrics and visuals tell us another story. The one that is firmly rooted and aware of their English background, but that you can still combine one set of roots with another – that you can put your everyday living experience into an Americana musical context.

And they actually do quite a good job of it. Their musicianship and vocals are almost impeccable and their songwriting skills are not lagging behind. Someday they just might come up with that great English-rooted Americana album and find that gold they are looking for here.


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