Video: Trapper Schoepp “Little Drop of Medicine”

Photo credit: Mitch Keller

Milwaukee-based Trapper Schoepp, has an excellent new video for ‘Little Drop of Medicine‘, the latest single from his most recent album, ‘May Day‘.

As likely to be found behind a gently fingerpicked acoustic or showing off his recently honed piano skills, on ‘Little Drop of Medicine‘, Schoepp offers up a grittier, gothic-styled country rocker. From the opening guitar’s gnarly string-bend, the meaty drums and the insistent chops on the piano, the track skilfully balances quieter, piano sections against powerful guitar-fuelled choruses, all fitting perfectly with the lyrical themes of temptation and ruin.

Go to the garden, that’s where it starts // With body and blood, flesh and heart.” sings Schoepp, and the setting for the video is a strikingly reimagined Garden of Eden. Directed with genuine creative flair by respected local filmmaker, Carol Brandt, the video opens with a fantastically evocative location – an abandoned park in Sparta, Wisconsin where fibreglass moulds of giant sculptures have been dumped in impressive numbers. Schoepp picks his way the through the overgrown, discarded shells of fake grandeur before finding himself waist-deep in the cold Wisconsin waters surrounded by the apples of temptation. In a glorious mash-up of metaphors, next thing he knows, he’s trapped in a hedge with an apple on his head, being used as target practice for a very glamorous William Tell-inspired archer… or is she cupid? …or another goddess? …or is she Eve? Well… you get the idea. The temptation temperature rises, as it all builds to an explosive climax with the metaphorical actual apples of temptation being blown to bits. And no phony CGI here… just some good old-fashioned practical visual effects. All good, clean, high-voltage fun.

It’s a cracking track and it’s backed up with a properly professional, stylish, funny promo that makes the most of the astonishing location.

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