The Infamous Stringdusters new album is out today

Photo by Brett Villena
The Infamous Stringdusters have announced their latest album, ‘Towards the Fray‘, which has come out today on Americana Vibes. Their first full studio album after ‘The Rising Sun‘ (2019) is the first to include drums. The album was recorded at Mighty Fine Studios in Denver, Colorado and was (surprise surprise) a reaction to last year’s “tumultuous events”. The new album includes singles ‘Towards the Fray‘ and ‘Hard Line‘ and ‘I Didn’t Know‘.

With all of our records, we always go into the studio to capture the live energy of our band, so I feel like we were comfortable just plugging right in and getting started,” states Pandolfi. “All five of us have arrived at a point in our careers where we all produce, whether it’s our own music or for others. We knew we could get it done with all that collective intel and know-how. One of the awesome things about being in this band is that everybody is always working on their instrumental game. When we show up for a new tour or album, we all get a chance to dig a little deeper, and you can hear that part of it. It has always been part of our mantra.”

The album will be available on standard and coloured vinyl, picture disc, cd, digital download and your favourite streaming platform. Album preorders and quite a range of band tshirts can be found here.
1. Hard Line
2. I’m Not Alone
3. I Didn’t Know
4.  Means To An End
5. Toward The Fray
6. Pearl Of Carolina
7. Down From The Mountain
8. Revolution
9. How Do You Know?
10. Spirits Wild
11. When Will I Ride Again (Tragic 2)
12. Til I’m Satisfied

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