Track Premiere: Fort Defiance “Maybe I’ll Find A Home”

Photo: S. Sievertsen

Jordan Eastman and Laurel Lane, who together are Fort Defiance can offer a lesson in the making of reckless promises.  Meeting in the summer of 2014, they began touring together under the promise they would not attempt to date each other – and ya’ll know how that story ends.  One year later, they were married and had built a stage chemistry that requests for shows came pouring in.  In response, they quit their jobs, moved into the van, and began touring relentlessly – playing over 250 shows, in 46 states the first year, without the help of management or outside booking agents – and they haven’t slowed down since.  Except, ya’ll know how that story ends too.

While quarantined with Covid-19 and locked down on a small chicken farm in east Texas without internet or TV, Fort Defiance passed the time by writing constantly and working on a concept album called, appropriately enough, ‘Problems.’   Two of those new songs – ‘Maybe I’ll Find a Home‘ and ‘So What?‘ – were recorded at Welcome to 1979 studios in Nashville, TN a few months later in a highly social-distanced recording session that consisted only of Eastman, Lane and a single engineer.  The duo play all the instruments on the song we have for you today – and that includes a mix of home-made instruments, stompboxes, toy pianos and anything else they can get their hands on.

Maybe I’ll Find a Home‘ is hardly about house hunting – it’s more the struggle to come to terms with flaws that may be caused by external forces or, just maybe, they aren’t.

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