The Looneys “Days Crawl By” – Listen

It seems iniquitous to single out one band member of The Looneys for the  header shot (that’s Chris Holm by the way), but they don’t have a band photograph.  For the very good reason that they are a perfect pandemic home band recording today’s song as  round-robin.

The Looneys are a grouping of Minneapolis musicians: Chris Holm – vocals, bass guitar, Jillian Rae – vocals, James Gould – guitar, Benjamin Miller – mellotron, backing vocals, and Jason Scabich – banjo, ukelele.  And the way  ‘Days Crawl By‘ was created was that each added their part to the song individually.  The Looneys had started off as an in-person project, but they were ideally set up for the pandemic and when it hit they also came up with this perfect encapsulation of the experience: “And the days crawl by / Is it Monday, is Tuesday, is it Wednesday, Thursday, I don’t wanna know / And the days crawl by / Does it even matter when you got nothing to do, no place to go.

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Dennis erickson

Great voice. Is Chris, Donnie,s son or Lee son?