The Nadas “This Mess Is My Masterpiece” – Greatness emerging?

Photo: Cullen Powers

Starting as a folk duo – Mike Butterworth and Jason Walsmith started The Nadas in the nineties having bonded over a shared mixtape while students at Iowa State University – The Nadas have grown and changed over the years.  Now a full five piece band they’ve morphed through an Alt-Rock phase before adding in some poppier tendencies around the turn of the century to finally arrive at what they describe as a seventies-meets-nineties sound.  You can be the judge of that in mere moments.  The Nadas are now Walsmith and Butterworth with bassist Brian Duffey, drummer Brandon Stone, and Perry Ross on keys, guitar, and percussion.

This Mess Is My Masterpiece‘ drew inspiration from the hectic lifestyle the band found themselves living as they emerged back into the world after the worst of Covid.   Appropriately enough it came together in a rush – though you’d never guess that by hearing it – as Mike Buttersworth explains: “We were talking about being busy all the time. Our producer Alex (Dezen of the Damnwells) started playing a progression and we took turns free styling lyrics.  Tape was rolling which was good because 90% of the song came in 10 minutes which was about how long we had before Alex had to leave for the airport to head home on our last day of writing. We thought it fitting that this should be the last tune on the album.

The new album, by the way, is called ‘Come Along for the Ride‘, and it’ll be out later this year.

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