The OK Factor “Love Song For Lucy” – she’s a dog

We are breaking one of the unwritten rules of the site here – no songs about your lovely kid, no songs about your great dog.  Two topics that seem to be able to bring the unbearably saccharine out of all but the very greatest of songsmiths.  So, how come the OK Factor (Olivia Diercks and Karla Colahan) get the free pass?   Well, let’s try that name check again: Olivia Diercks (cello), Karla Colahan (violin).  You see we’ve entered the Americana UK mid-week tree with no leaves, song with no words zone.  ‘Love Song for Lucy‘ was written for Karla’s first golden retriever – and to celebrate The OK Factor’s 10-year anniversary and Lucy’s fifth birthday, the duo have recorded a new version of what has become a staple in their setlists.  Swedish folk band Jaerv joins The OK Factor on this newly imagined rendition.

Taking their name from their first initials, The OK Factor have an impressive five albums to their name – the title of one of which proves that they are definitely good people: “Have yourself an OK Christmas.”  That’s our kind of title.

The OK Factor and Jaerv will be out on tour this October, there are dates here, sadly (for us anyway) all in the USA.

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