The Twang Factor 2 presents: Concrete Prairie

The splendidly named Bath-based four piece indie, folk, country and americana band Concrete Prairie are our guests on the Twang Factor 2 this week.

The song that Concrete Prairie have chosen to perform for The Twang Factor 2 is titled ‘Day By Day’. The band offer this explanation of just what the song is about:

“Day by Day is a song about living in the moment, written after events that would change the lives of those in the band forever. It documents the acute awareness that our mortality is out of our hands and that death can be sudden & cruel, the fallout nuclear. Rather than wallow in minor-key misery though, the tune riffs on the idea of utilising this helplessness, living to the limits and making the most out of the everyday – treasuring daybreak, entertaining the spontaneous, living less static and burying idle woes. It serves as a reminder to both the writer and the listener that life is finite and despite what society tells you, there’s a gift in growing old”. 

If you enjoy this performance, and we can think of no reason why you wouldn’t, then please take a closer look at the band by checking out their Facebook page.

Entries for The Twang Factor 2 are now closed. Look out for details of how to vote for your favourite artist shortly.


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