The Winnie Blues “Coming Home To You” – Listen

Fate had a hand in the formation of The Winnie Blues – that at least is what Alice Beatty and Cameron Potts say, and who are we to contradict them?  They both went to a Ruby Boots gig (good choice!) in the Lower East side in 2016 – and recognised each other’s Australian accents (we’re not sure how) and had a beer.  Roll forward a year and they’d both moved to Nashville and they both went to a dive bar, recognised each other and shared a beer to celebrate the coincidence.  Or fate if you prefer.

Coming Home to You‘ is a song of angry tears and solidarity in the fight against injustice, specifically inequality of remuneration for equivalence of labour.  Or, as The Winnie Blues put it: “I know there ain’t no way that you’re afraid / So go demand your right to equal pay / If you want to change your world / You’re going to have to do it yourself / But I’ll be standing next to you.

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