Three new Ryan Adams albums on the way this year

There was a time in years gone by when we used to write about Ryan Adams on AUK as much as we do about Neil Young now. He was our go-to guy, partly because he was always doing something interesting (like falling off stage mid-set here in Liverpool and breaking an arm) and partly because he was releasing records like they were part of a quarterly subscription service. Anyway, old times are back it seems, as Adams tweeted yesterday:

He then asked LaCroix sparkling water: “If I tell you the name of my new record will you mock up my own blend” (of water?) before revealing presumably the first of the three albums:

And then posting a clip from the record, describing it as “fucking epic”:

It sounds like the Flying Pickets to us. So anyway, all that to look forward to – and a track listing on the way today so check back for the story to be updated. Welcome back Ry!

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Author: Mark Whitfield

Mark Whitfield has been the Editor of Americana UK for the last 17 years and still feels like this is his pretend job, mainly because it is.

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