Toby Goodshank “Truth Jump Fall”

BB*Island, 2021

Ex-Moldy Peach rereleases tenth anniversary re-master of this Antifolk classic.

Toby Goodshank, formerly of The Moldy Peaches, a stalwart of the New York Antifolk scene, became something of a one man music factory during the period between 2001 and 2011 when ‘Truth Jump Fall’ was originally released. He set up his own label, self-recorded songs, produced the liner notes and album art, and often burned the songs onto CD-R and self-distributed them. Keeping track of the releases was tricky, but a reasonable estimate seems to be 28 album releases in those ten years.

Truth Jump Fall’ was, however, a more carefully contrived recording with Jack Dishel, also formerly of The Moldy Peaches, producing. The predominant style is still Goodshank and his deftly picked guitar, but embellished with a wider range of instruments including organ, drums, bass and electric saw. The songs are gently melodic and carefully constructed from the fractured Americana of ‘Sarah & Jon’ to the ominous title track ‘Truth Jump Fall’. The meticulous production brings out the depth and intricacy of the songs.

Goodshank has an effective and interesting voice, if not one that is immediately engaging. But it grows on you and draws you in to the slightly skewed world view and dysfunctional lives that populate the songs. The songs often trip you up such as the fabulous ‘Baby I Feel Like I Just Got Cut in Half’ which explores the personal growth that follows from personal pain and grief. The album was recorded soon after his father’s death and his response to this grief informs a number of the songs. But it is a more joyous and upbeat album than that may suggest.

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