Tom Delaney & Caroline Keane “John Kelly’s Old Concertina Reel Set”

Photo: Fiona Morgan

Well, at last the return of the “not quite every-Wednesday afternoon Instrumental Track” feature….and do we have an instrumental for you today.  We do!  You will hear and (by courtesy of the Video Editor!) see Tom “pumped pipes” Delaney with Caroline “flying fingers” Keane along with, the observant among you will note, Donogh “Steady as she goes” Hennessy tying it all together.  They are in a pub, which is excellent, and the music that they play – ‘John Kelly’s Old Concertina Reel / The Avonmore / The Youngest Daughter‘ – is the definition of the joy of living.  If you don’t like this then frankly we despair of you.

This is taken from Tom’s new album ‘The Lark’s Call‘, of which he says: “I’ve been toying with the idea of making an album for a few years. The more time I spent playing with people around the world the more I realised how many ways there are to interpret Irish Music and that’s the beauty of it. Personally, I grew up listening to the music of the 70’s- bands like the Bothy Band, Planxty or the Chieftains heavily influenced my approach. So once I started putting this album together the tunes and arrangements naturally came to me.

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