Track Premiere: Aaron Skiles and Matt Patton “Love & Guilt”

Aaron Skiles is half the lead – with his wife Rebecca – of the band Bourbon Therapy, who have been favourably compared to Counting Crows.  In that band Aaron mainly contributes vocals and bass, but his latest venture is a solo album ‘Wreckage From The Fire‘ which sees him swap the bass for rhythm guitar and bring in an array of additional talent.  The song ‘Love & Guilt’ is the first single, and features Matt Patton, bassist of Drive-By Truckers and co-writer on the album as well as Taylor Hollingsworth (Conor Oberst and the Mystic Valley Band) on lead guitar, Jay Gonzalez (Drive-By Truckers) on piano, A.J. Haynes (Seratones) on backing vocals and Bronson Tew on drums and backing vocals.

Aaron had this to say about the song: “Love & Guilt” is the story of the ebb and flow of any long-term relationship. There are realizations of near misses, bumps in the road and outright failures. This is a great example of a song that I’d written that was probably just “okay” but once Matt Patton started working on it, it became a great song—one of the singles. I think what really makes this track is the work of Jay Gonzalez on keys. He used this Moog-like sound in some of the breaks and in-between lines of the chorus in almost a call-and-answer effect. It adds just the right spice to the song at just the right time and it’s an unexpected sound that I hope listeners will dig.


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