Track Premiere: Adam Lytle “Highway Nightmare”

Photo: Roeg Cohen

Adam Lytle has shared ‘Highway Nightmare‘ with Americana UK – it’s the lead single from his solo debut album ‘This is the Fire‘ which will be released in October.  ‘Highway Nightmare’ is a brooding song, a tension filled journey along roads that lead…well, nowhere.  And from which there is no coming back.  it could be literal, but is more likely a metaphor for setting off on a path that will lead nowhere good – roads, political doctrines, polluting for climate change – take your pick.  As Adam Lytle explains “Highway Nightmare is a song of spinning wheels. It’s a song with no way out. You started down this road so long ago you’ve forgotten how you got there. The thrill had you hooked. You turned the radio up, rolled the windows down, and felt the wind rush through your hair. Life is good when the wheels are in motion. You chased that endless horizon day and night but it was always just out of reach. Before you knew it, you’d lost track of time, missed a turn, and gone too far in the wrong direction. Now, you’re looking for an off ramp, some way back to where you were before. But that’s not how this highway works and neither does time. There’s no turning this rig around. So, what are you going to do? Count your tear drops ‘til kingdom come? That’s its own kind of dead end. No, the only way forward is through. Take a breath, grip the wheel and pray.”

Prior to his solo career Adam Lytle Lytle honed his craft for years leading the bands, Quicksilver Daydream and Wild Leaves.  On ‘This is the Fire,’ Lytle enlisted arranger Trey Pollard (Faye Webster, Kevin Morby) to cloak his stark, lyric-driven performances in dramatic orchestral arrangements.


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