Track Premiere: Bee Appleseed “That Cosmic Feeling”

With his second album ‘Starflower’s Cosmic Soul‘ readying for release tomorrow, we have a chance today to hear the lead single.  And what a blend of sounds appears on ‘That Cosmic Feeling‘ – stacked up backing vocals, an electric psych-folk feel, and Bee Appleseed’s once heard never forgotten lead vocals.  ‘Cosmic Feeling’ examines themes of connectivity to the universe, feeling part of a greater whole rather than a single grain of insignificance.  It wells and surges and it most assuredly does groove.  Here there is groove.

It’s a song that brings together Bee Appleseeds’ philosophical and personal spiritual awakenings, stemming from a series of tumultuous years experiencing the hardships of homelessness, until changed his life.  A simple search for a place to crash led Appleseed to an encounter with an elder Native American shaman who invited him to her family farm in Central California outside San Luis Obispo. As a practicing energy healer, she altered Bee’s perspective, opening his eyes to the world in ways previously unknown to him.  Let us just note that the upcoming album was recorded by candlelight in “recording sessions heavily smudged with incense” – and you can fill in the blanks for yourself.

 Photo by Carly Valentine.


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