Track Premiere: Burr Island “Your Eyes, My Eyes”

Photo: Adam Lorrimer-Roberts

‘Your Eyes, My Eyes’ is the latest single from London based Burr Island, and is set for release on May 10th via Left Foot Records but we’re giving you a sneak preview today on Americana UK.  Burr Island are Tom England & Oskar Porter, two friends who had trained as actors but found their chosen profession at a standstill during the pandemic.  So, when they met up on the Jurassic Coast they’d write music instead and it was there that Burr Island came into being.  Burr island have a sound that takes inspiration from the works of Lennon/McCartney, Paul Simon, Crosby Stills & Nash, Nick Drake, The Beach Boys and Cat Stevens.

Burr Island say of ‘Your Eyes, My Eyes” that it is “a love song for anyone who wants it. Whether you’re a grandmother cherishing the time with your young grandchild, friends with an unbreakable bond, star-crossed lovers sinking into each other’s eyes or somebody trying to communicate with the loved one they’ve lost. Like most of our songs, it was written on guitar and it remained a guitar song until the very last minute. We were never fully happy with the old version and felt the song needed a gentler tone. The brilliant Nikolaj Torp Larsen (The Specials) agreed to play piano for the new version and as soon as we heard his performance, we knew it was the one. We feel that sonically it’s added another texture to the album.”

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