Track Premiere : Eric Silverman “Ride On”

Photo: Devon Lach

The second album from Eric Silverman, ‘Stay In It,’ can truly claim to be desert rock, as it was recorded in the tiny high desert outpost of Landers, California.  It’s an album that, in 2020, had to be made in something of a hurry as Silverman and his wife were expecting their first child.  On top of this the pandemic hit.  And so the desert location was chosen – if Silverman and the band wanted to carry on until the early hours of the morning, well, there was no-one to be bothered by that.  Wanting to catch the same feel as earlier Californian bands, and their style inheritors, – think Neil Young but also think Jonathan Wilson, Silverman came up with a credo for the sessions: “By the time we got to the desert, we established two rules—don’t get bit by a rattlesnake, and don’t use a computer until you have to.

Eric told Americana UK that “Ride On was one of my favourites to record on ‘Stay In It.’ We opened up the windows and let the desert air blow in, to take the song to this beautiful place. It’s a love song, for the one that makes you high and makes you howl. It’s about that person you want to ride on with.”

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