Track Premiere: Hallie Spoor “Shenandoah”

Photo: Sierra Voss

This is the third single to be released from Hallie Spoor’s EP ‘Heart Like Thunder‘, and it’s a lovely reimaging of the well known folk  song.  Hallie Spoor explains that “This cover of Shenandoah is very inspired by the band Bonny Light Horseman and their reimagined covers of old English folk songs. I have always loved Shenandoah and had never quite heard a rendition of the song that I thought was languid or longing enough to convey the lyrics.  The strings, horns, and electric guitar arrangement in this rendition feel like a rolling river, pulsing through the earth. Then the ending soundscape is where the real magic is- with the chorus of saxophones created by Stephen Chen, and my echoing vocals drifting along with the horns. All the while, the backup vocals are chanting, like a prayer: ‘Shenandoah, Oh Shenandoah’ like a choir.”

This version of ‘Shenandoah’ is, perhaps, a slight change of direction for Brooklyn-based indie-folk singer-songwriter Hallie Spoor – as she is probably best known for her confessional songs that spill the beans like a Joni or a Laura Nyro.  But then if you’re going to be influenced by anyone then Bonny Light Horseman is probably a good influence to take on board.

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