Track Premiere: Heart Of Pine “Voodoo Leg Bone”

It has been said that sometimes we’re a bit too serious, and seem to be losing our connection to…fun.  Fun?  Oh yeah, fun!  Heart of Pine understand fun, but as you’ll hear on this track they also take it seriously.  Heart of Pine was formed in 2015 by Steven Bagwell and Travis Richardson following a series of highly productive songwriting sessions.  In recent years, Heart of Pine has expanded the lineup to include keyboard extraordinaire Jesse Fountain, multi-instrumentalist Boone Hood on bass, and longtime Athens, GA musician Todd Headley on drums.

Steven Bagwell who told Americana UK about the origin of ‘Voodoo Leg Bone‘, saying “I came up with the opening riff and Boone (Hood) came up with the chord progression one evening at rehearsal while I was jamming it. Travis had this idea about a voodoo leg bone and a few days later we had the words and a new favourite song of ours to play.

Voodoo Leg Bone‘ appears on the new Heart of Pine album ‘Southern Soul Revival’ which is released on August 2nd.  The album features eight originals and a stellar reinterpretation of Dylan’s ‘She Belongs to Me.‘  With Heart of Pine acknowledging influences like The Band, The Allman Brothers, Waylon Jennings and The Grateful Dead it’s an album that is liable to be a mighty rich gumbo.


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