Track Premiere: Kimberly Morgan York “Fallen”

Photo: Jason Thrasher

Fallen‘ is country with a bit of rock thrown in, and showcases the gritty and powerful vocals of Kimberly Morgan York as she describes her tussles with the devil “and now I’m fallen, the Devils’ playing his tempting games with me – again” as she tries to throw off being labeled “an angel”.  Turns out she’s just human, like the rest of us.

Kimberly Morgan York has some well-known admirers – Paterson Hood has said of her “In addition to being a fine singer and songwriter, Kimberly Morgan (York) has that natural gift of personality that shines from the stage in a way that interacts with the people in the room. It’s a rare gift indeed.

Kimberly was born in Kentucky and raised in a musical family, she first started singing in church at the tender age of three. When she was 16, she picked up her first guitar in order to start writing her own songs. She began performing solo while attending Cornell University. Kimberly then transitioned into the role of a musical gypsy, writing songs and performing solo from Colorado to San Francisco (funded by a job in market research for the commercial real estate industry.) She ended up spending time in Sausalito, describing it now as “the time of my life,” a place that gave her opportunity to expand her musical horizons, her circle of friends and acquaintances, and her opportunities to perform.

July will see the release of a new album recorded this past year, ‘Keep on Goin”, featuring Kimberly (vocals, guitar), Scott Baxendale (guitar), David Barbe (bass, engineering) Carlton Owens of Cracker (drums), Jay Gonzales from the Drive-by Truckers (piano), Matt Stoessel of Cracker (pedal steel), and Adam Poulin (violin).  Not surprisingly, Kimberly claims a wealth of influences. While Dolly Parton, Tammy Wynette, and Loretta Lynn figure prominently in the list of artists she most admires, so do Eartha Kitt, John Prine, Dr. Hook, Ricky Skaggs, and the Drive-by Truckers, the latter being no surprise given that she was married to the band’s drummer, Brad Morgan.

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