Track Premiere: Michael Colton “Leave The Light On”

Today’s song is the upcoming new single from Michael Colton, which will be generally available from tomorrow and precedes an upcoming EP which will be released this Autumn.  ‘Leave the Light On‘ is a ballad which draws on Colton’s experiences as a father.

As Colton explains “‘Leave The Light On’ came from my ritual when I tuck my son into bed. The last thing I say is ‘what’s here?’ and I tap his chest where his heart is and he says ‘you’ and then I always say the same thing– ‘that’s right and if you need me just close your eyes and you’ll hear my voice.’  When we started that ritual, I thought it would help him if he woke up from a nightmare.  Over time I’ve realised that I hear the voices of both my parents at different times.  The repetition of things both of them said to me.  Now I’m very aware that part of parenting is putting a guide voice in my children for when I’m no longer here.  They’re going to leave me and my wife and go off and have their own lives and adventures which is great, and for better or worse, the things we have said or done will be stuck in their heads, so I hope it’s for the better.  Finally, when I’m no longer around I hope that I loved them enough that the voice I left inside them will help guide them to make the right decisions.”

Photo: Matt Beard

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