Track Premiere: Mortal Prophets “Bury Them Deep”

Here’s something intense to finish the week on – ‘Bury Them Deep‘ has John Beckmann, trading as Mortal Prophets, taking a heavy swipe at “all the liars and cheats” whose fate, he intones, should be to be buried…and not just buried but deeply buried.  Then, who knows, maybe they won’t be able to zombie-like claw them selves back out of their pit to sully the air with their lies and continue “lining their pockets with gold.”  We can’t be certain, but we can certainly think of some people a song such as this might be aimed at.  It’s a song with a cinematic sound that inspires images of dark conversations in ill-lit rooms, whisky drunk from dirty shot glasses, and an invasive sense of impending doom.  Hey, are there four riders approaching?

Bury Them Deep‘ is taken from the latest Mortal prophets EP ‘Sleeping In My Bed’,  of which John Beckmann says it “is a raucous ride through experimental blues and electronica territory. Picture defiance and dissonance doing a jangly tango, weaving sonic tapestries through a shadowy Southern Gothic underworld. Unconventional instrumentation and gritty electronic vibes are the GPS into this godless realm. You’ll rethink love, lust, betrayal, and societal chaos through a new musical lens. It’s like nothing you’ve heard, but it’s hopefully something you’ll feel.”

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