Video: Jack Francis “Failure”

Jack Francis is an outstanding songwriter and this new single, ‘Failure’, is well-crafted, timeless music in the vein of Courtney Marie Andrews.  Francis delivers direct, disarming lyrics with wit, compelling melody, upbeat rhythms and engaging sonic textures.  The song is about a life committed to music and following your dreams but, in the age of streaming, this is a life-path full of obstacles.  Thankfully, Francis has his tongue firmly in his cheek: “They say the cream rises to the top, I guess I’m the milk.”  ‘Failure’ is an excellent example of his soulful approach to folk, blues and country, blending styles and traditions effortlessly.

‘Failure’ is taken from Francis’s forthcoming album, ‘Early Retirement’, which is due on 22nd March.  This will be his second full-length record and the follow-up to his well-received, self-titled debut in 2022.  Francis says of the album: “‘Early Retirement’ is a record about endings and new beginnings. It’s about riding out fallen dreams and trying to navigate modern society as an old soul in a new world. It comes from a very personal place as a writer and conveys my concerns, doubts, sense of humour and stubborn determination to build a life in the field I’ve dedicated myself to.  This was a concept album from the very start – it was a conscious choice to make this a singular, coherent piece of work that would stand the test of time in both the aspect of the songwriting and the messages I’m trying to communicate.”  Archie Sylvester, of award-winning Americana duo Ferris & Sylvester, produced the album at their home studio and, if you look closely, you can see the pair performing in the video for ‘Failure’.  This is thoughtful and ambitious work that comes highly recommended, as does Francis’s good-humoured live show.  Enjoy.

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