Track Premiere: Night Flight “Something Going On”

There’s certainly more crunch than twang on the latest single by London’s Night Flight, but that’s no bad thing.  Night Flight recorded the song as part of their lockdown EP ‘Songs From Echo Zoo‘ which is out on April 30th.  Although Night Flight cite Nirvana and Soundgarden as influences on this particular song it was repeated listens to The Band’s debut album that was driving the EP’s direction as Harry Phillips explains: “By the time we were in the studio, we knew exactly what we wanted.  I always loved albums like ‘Music From Big Pink’ by The Band, which have their own defining sound, and it used to bug me that we hadn’t got there. How can we pare back and find our own, four-piece formula? Now I feel we are approaching it.

Phillips also wrote ‘Something Going On’, and elaborated on how the song came together: “I was playing a guitar riff and the words fell out afterwards, but I do remember an intense feeling of paranoia and self-loathing. I was in a new relationship, battling with insecurity and not dealing with it very well. Most people will view the hook of ‘Something Going On’ as meaning something great is happening, when actually it is about suspicion.

The distinctive artwork for the single was created by drummer Dan Webb, influenced by Matisse cut-outs and Bauhaus colour.  Ah yes, Bauhaus – what a band… oh, the other Bauhaus?  Equally Arty.

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