Track premiere: Pale Mara “Not Like I Used To”

Pale Mara have a new album out in December and preceding that, a lovely new track from it, the couple describing themselves as “blending the beauty of musical tradition with a restless and adventurous spirit”. The band’s Lee Godleski told AUK: “I wrote this song about my father who passed away when I was 21. I almost threw it out, then came back to it a year later. I was staying with my mother in Massachusetts when I began this tune, and it was something of a tumultuous time… I had a dream at one point that my (very stoic) dad was driving around with me in his old pickup truck, and he was speaking to me in a more open and honest way than he ever had in real life. Anyway, the bizarre feeling of distorted memories and nostalgia, the way that love can change over time, and the connections between love and death kind of what were occurring to me.”

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