Track Premiere: Sam Robbins “Nobody’s Baby”

Finally Feeling Young‘ the upcoming album from Nashville based artist Sam Robbins is a coming of age album – it’s taken him two years to pull together and because of that it reflects on the journey from adolescence into adulthood in real time.  ‘Finally Feeling Young‘ has something of a classic singer-songwriter feel to it – no accident as Sam Robbins explained “I’ve always loved classic singer-songwriters from the 70’s, and my writing has always reflected that. On ‘Finally Feeling Young’ we tried to recreate that vintage sound along with modern production elements added here and there that would create a unique sound.  Looking back, I can hear what I was going through in the songs, and how much I was changing in the recordings. I’m so grateful to have a little time capsule from this chapter of immense growth. It almost feels like a concept album, but it came about naturally as it was happening.

Sam told us that “‘Nobody’s Baby’ was the earliest song I wrote that made it onto the album – I actually originally wrote it for someone else who is more of a pop artist, but once I started playing it live I knew I had to record it myself. It’s definitely the “rock” moment of the album, and I love that about it. It feels good to have something at the start of the record that’s just a feel good, fun track.

Photo: Libby Danforth

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